More than just an algorithm

Xhale works well with the most up-to-date GPS technology to gather training and racing data ready for you to dissect and analyse. But more importantly Xhale is an organic platform that requires real feedback and emotions from you and—if you have one—your coach. It doesn’t rely solely on artificial intelligence based on pre-programmed algorithms. Training rarely occurs under the tight structure of lab conditions; Xhale supports you back in the world of real-life training.

We support uploading training from all devices using the standard FIT and TCX files and automatically sync with
and more (including Zwift, Strava, Apple Watch)
via the RunGap and Healthfit iOS apps and FitnessSyncer on iOS and Android.
“I wish I had Xhale 3 years ago” - Lucy Gossage - “I love the simplicity of it” - Joe Skipper - “Finally I have a piece of coaching
software that allows me to coach”
- Harry Wiltshire - “I wish I had Xhale 3 years ago” - Lucy Gossage -

Choose Your Plan

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Easy to Access

As long as you have a wi-fi connection you can access Xhale using your laptop, tablet or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.  It’s super easy to enter all your triathlon specific training data, both manually or by using Garmin/GPS devices.


The software is specifically designed to ensure you and your coach can interact easily without the use of additional emails and phone calls.  You can communicate every month, week, day and even after every training session if you wish.

Layout and Functionality

Xhale’s easy layout enables you to easily view all relevant training information. With no clutter and no meaningless data - you get the right feedback to help you train smart.  With coloured intensity zones for each discipline and graphs to show volume, power and distance you can track progress and target improvement.

GPS uploads

Xhale allows you to upload all your training data using Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto and other GPS devices. This data is then presented in a way that is easy to understand and use.

“There are no short cuts or secret formulas when it comes to winning,
you just need to be consistent.”
- Mark Livesey -

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