Xhale Coaching

Xhale Coaching is designed to save coaches time, give you extra insights into your athlete's training and make it easier to communicate with them.

All the features of free and premium

Coach an athlete on Xhale and they get all the features of the Xhale premium account, bundled on top of your professional coaching.

Your athletes (and you) will have more charts and metrics to look at. You will be able to view training volume prescribed into the future. A drag and drop interface allows you to periodise and plan out the entire season. You'll be able to see hills with terrain maps. Coming soon we will have highlighting and saving of segments, more planning tools, calendar sync and consistency scores to see how well your athletes stick to your plan.

Oh, and if you are paying for at least one athlete we throw the premium features in for your own personal use as well!

Plus coaching functions

Save time

Copy sessions from one day to another or save them in the template cache with the ease of drag and drop. Even if you use a template for just one athlete you save lots of time - but you can also share the template across all your athletes and then adjust it for each individual as needed.

Choose to guide your athletes or take full control

There are two ways to work with your athletes:

  • Full coaching - Their account is restricted so only you can create their training plan.
  • Mentor - Let them fill in their plan, while you add feedback and make adjustments.

Hide the plan

Plan in advance, but keep those sessions hidden until you are ready to show your athlete.

Communicate more easily

Athletes can receive email notifications when you've updated their schedule or given feedback on a session.

Easily see which training sessions they have completed or provided feedback on; and which feedback you haven't looked at yet.

Contact us on support@trainxhale.com with any questions. We are always here to help you and your athletes.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is very simple. It begins with a 4 week free trial with no limitations. There is no setup fee or hidden costs and we don't need your card details until the free trial comes to an end. Pricing is based on how many athletes you have and you can adjust this as your athletes come and go (even if it is halfway through a month).

Up to 10 athletes $6.99 USD per athlete per month
10 or more athletes 10% discount
15 or more athletes 15% discount

Get started with the free trial