Challenge Samorin - 2nd June 2019

Xhale is proud to be offering you a FREE training programme for the Samorin middle distance on 2nd June 2019. You're gonna love this race and unlike some other venue you can safely go out and train at the race location, it's perfect.

This programme has been created by Mark Livesey (co-founder Xhale), and current 45-49 AG Samorin Champion 2018. This 12 week programme will hopefully give you a much better feeling about this very special race in Slovakia.

This programme is aimed at athletes who train on average between 8hr to 10hrs a week and who are moderate swimmers.

Swim - 2hr to 3hrs
Bike - 4hr to 5hrs
Run - 2hr 3hrs

General information about the race:

Swim (1 lap) - River (wetsuit) will be swimming in the 2nd longest river in Europe (Danube). Within this programme you will get additional tips and descriptions of what to expect come race day.

Bike (Out and back) Unlike the majority of races Challenge employ a 20m draft zone and separate waves for each AG. This ensures your race will be as fair as possible. If you enjoy a flat and fast course then this bike course is for you. You will getting specific bike sessions for this type of riding from Mark Livesey who posted an 2hrs 6 mins on the bike course last year.

Run (3 laps) The run is 3 laps in the grounds of the x-bionic sphere: Sports and leisure resort. During the run you'll experience many types of terrain underfoot, including grass, gravel, tarmac and a small section of running on the horse racing track it self. The beauty of this run ruote is you're able to compartmentalise each lap, so the distance doesn't overwhelm you too much.

Xhale and Challenge hope you find this programme useful and good luck on race day. If you have any further questions about this race please email