Xhale Premium

We are working hard to bring you Xhale Premium, jam packed with new features and enhancements. We will gradually be rolling out new features as they develop but we are kicking things off with:

More charts

See how long and far you trained from week to week. We've got plenty more lined up here as well so keep an eye out for more improvements.


Copy your training plans by simply dragging and dropping them


Swap training days with drag-and-drop and the shift key

Export to your calendar

Export your plan to any calendar that supports the iCal format, so that your training appears on your main Apple, Google, Outlook or other calendar.


Step back from the week-to-week view and plan your whole season.

Highlight, zoom, save and compare laps

You can create laps on your watch or bike computer, but now you can do the same after your workout. Drag your mouse over any segment of a chart, review average data over that section, zoom in on it and save it to look at later.

Take your saved laps and overlay them on top of each other to see how lap one compares with lap two.

How much does it cost?

Premium starts with a 30 day free trial. Sign up and check it out below. You don't need to enter any payment details unless you decide to continue with your trial.

UK Pounds US Dollars Euros
£2.99 per month $4.79 per month €4.49 per month

Being coached on Xhale?

If you are already being coached on Xhale you get most of these features built in so you only need to pay your coach. (Your coach may restrict access to some features such as planning your schedule.)

More to look forward to...

Calendar sync, a training session cache, deeper training session analysis, planning and forecasting tools and more are all winging their way to you on Xhale Premium.

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